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deskpro2k3 said:

I just edit my first reply, I rushed cause I was watching a movie.

I'm all for more content. The main story is already set in the stone, so anything more is extra side quest and filler. Kitase said they wanted Cloud to do deliveries, and among other things that didn't make it into the game, or was scrapped completely. I will put two links below. I won't lie about this though, but my expectations is pretty high for FF7R, and I'm sure SE knows their fans expectations is high, and if it ends in failure they'll never recover from it.

Star Citizen, the current content in it is fun, but it's not fully released, it's no where near it, I say 25% done.

Why would Cloud do deliveries? He's a mercenary working for a terrorist organisation. Deliveries just says fetch quests to me and FF7 could definitely do without them (although sounds more like just a needless side mission so you know where to find the Titan Materia, nothing else). Looking at those links, I look forward to female Sephiroth and her and Aerith being in a relationship. :)

I'm sure SE do know that fans expectations are high but reading comments by SE and this thread alone, all I can see if that their own expectations far exceeds what many fans want. What they/fans (me at least) want is FF7 that plays like FF7 but looks like FF15. For many, the more they hear about what SE want to add, how the gameplay is different, how they'll split it up just makes them worried. 

zero129 said:

Whats with this sneaky line when you know full well its still in development?. However ill answer this question anyway for deskpro. Yes i have had a lot of fun with star citizen so far, the planet they added is huge, as big as many single player game maps and to think its only 1 planet with another massive one to drop soon. For my 10 euro ive had over 30 hours of fun. can you name many games for that value and playtime?.

I didn't think it was a very good example as comparison. I'm sure it's very fun for those who are playing it but it's a game crowd funded with now more money that even SquEnix could dream of for a single game development which was originally intended to release in 2014 based on the original Kickstarter. It's created a planet and it's goal for gameplay of space exploration has been/will be met. My expectation for FF7R is not a space sim, not a world exploration game, they don't need clever mechanics to launch and land a shuttle (for 7 minutes) on to what looks like an empty planet and they don't need an open world of 2600 square miles just for me to walk from Midgar to Kalm. I just want to get to Kalm so I can do the flashback so I can then go and capture chocobos.

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Hmm, pie.