NightlyPoe said:
forest-spirit said:

Pointing out that Ben Shapiro himself has contributed to this problem is not undercutting the message, and it would be terrible journalism to ignore those examples. If Ben Sharpiro looks bad here he himself and the way he handled the interview is to blame.

I too dislike "x got DESTROYED" headlines, which is part of why I posted the original interview and not one of the reaction videos.

However, in this case Ben Shapiro has owned up to his own misbehavior.  If this were an interview interested in moving the ball forward, they'd follow along the lines of trying to live up to his message.  That's how dialogue happens.

Instead it was just another gotcha quote following it up.  Honestly, the prep work for the interview probably just came from a dumping ground of quotes compiled by Media Matters or something.

If he truly owned up to it then it should have been easy for him to handle the questions he got. And he should have been prepared for those kind of questions because anyone with a brain would see them coming.

Moving the ball forward? Follow along the lines? Why would there be interest in doing that, this is a political interview not the Oprah Winfrey Show. The job of the interviewer is to make the interviewee defend and explain his or her position or argument, look for contradictions, confront, etc. If a politician is saying this but used to say that it would only make sense for the interviewer to point out and ask about why that is.