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The more I think about the idea of FF7 being split up into 3 parts the more I laugh at how much they have to do. What I mean is they have to get the entire gameplay and everything set by game 1, and they can't change it for the other games, it's done. This isn't a ME series type of thing where saves are copied over and interactions change based on choices by gameplay has been tweaked and improved, it's not even FF13 where they claim it's 1 story but each game has different mechanics, gameplay and exploration and are in essence 3 completely separate games. It's 1 game you will be charged £150 for. A game save will have to carry on over games, you my even still have to swap discs like we did on PS1. They also have to account for people maybe buying just Part 2 or Part 3 on their own, so there needs to be a 'starting' level for each entry.

They in reality have made themselves more work because they are splitting it up.

F) No, that one is probably one of the simplest but you know what they will do? Forget about them. You think some of the stuff in the original will survive? Some of the awesome music? Little nods? little quirks? It's going to be some weird humourless emo crap. You'll see, YOU'LL ALL SEE!!!

Hmm, pie.