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AbbathTheGrim said:

A) Do you think all the episodes release both in PS4 and PS5?

B) Could this "episodes" work more as stand alone games that, once you finish them, all gained levels and inventory are gone and you start in episode 2 (for example) on level 1 all over again? How do you like that idea?

C) Maybe there are other examples out there of episodic games you think would be the best way to approach and continue progress between episodes? What would be the best approach?

D) Could there be a way to "load" your saved game from episode 1 to episode 2?

E) What is the best way for Square to address game progress between episodes? Would you care if progress is lost between episodes?

F) Will I lose all my 1/35 Soldiers after I finish an episode?


A)  Yes, I think the PS4 will get the future releases of FF7R.  

B) No, I assume your progress will continue onto the next episode in the series. It will probably be like a expansion, that requires the other parts before you can play them.

C) Most other games, where theres continue on, your left with a option to play the game as a standalone.... but those arnt called "episodic" games.

D) There will without a doubt be such a thing, Im assumeing it ll continue where you left off from, and make use of save data from earlier episode.

E) Yes I'd care, if each was a stand alone, and progess was just lost between episodes. That would suck.

F) nope (if their even still in the game)