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twintail said:

That said, I can see AC being added somewhere mid story, fleshing out another part of the main story. But as an ending, no thanks. I enjoy AC for what it is but as a sequel to FF7 it fails.

In my assumption before Dirge of Cerberus was released, based on what the game and Bugenhagen mention, Holy is the ultimate magic and is used to 'save the planet' from whatever is threaten it. Bugenhagen mentions that it might be the case that as humans also threaten the planet (mako energy consumption etc) it would remove them as well. The final scenes of the game end it a big flash, then an after credits scene of Nanaki running with some kids 500 years later, over looking at ruined Midgar.

My assumption for the ending was that Holy did indeed remove the humans as well. This is the ending I always thought happened.

But money talks, sequels and other crap have kind ruined all that. :P

Hmm, pie.