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gergroy said:
AbbathTheGrim said:
Unpopular opinion: I wouldn't mind if they inserted Advent Children and added gameplay to it, in the last episode of Final Fantasy VII Remake, as long as it works.

They would have to make the advent storyline a lot more interesting... which I guess they could do as they would have more than a couple hours to develop it... but I think the ffvii story is pretty complete without it.  If they wanted to make another game based on the events of advent I guess that could work... should have done that in the first place...

Yeah, I would like if they could flesh out what they did in Advent Children.

I know that Advent Children kind of changed the seemingly tragic ending from the original game but now that Advent Children is out I cannot dismiss that story and forget about that story so Square might as well just make add it to the game and make the AC better.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because: