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The Fury said:
gergroy said:

I’ve played it like 15 times and never figured that out until I just read that here... the things you learn... also another reason why it needs to be remade... (sad that it has to be square to remake it, they obviously don’t know what they are doing)

Indeed, it's never really mentioned on in game, just they are called Biggs, Wedge and Jessie. And no truer words on the latter but I wonder if it's more Nomura than SquEnix. His own ambition seems to high. He wasn't the director of FF7, just the designer, sure his designs were iconic in the end but you look at KH series and it's overly convoluted story and numerous delays and FF15 (or FFvs13 as it was) turned out.

With another director, or lead, we might already have this game and not in 3 parts.

It's not Nomura's fault. 13 was having problems in development, so they took most of the vs13 staff and moved them over to 13 to finish it up. And I'm pretty sure Nomura was consulting on different projects. Officially, he was split directing KH3 and vs13, then was moved off the now 15 to start directing 7R. SE was spreading him too thin and using his team to finish other projects.