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gamingsoul said:
AbbathTheGrim said:

My guess is that Square thinks that an action game has more chances of selling better than a turn-based game. I think they may have the idea that in spite of how good a turn-based RPG can still sell, an Action RPG could overcome a hypothetical sells cap that a turn-based RPG can't.

I am not going to defend that argument, I just think this is what may be in their heads when they decided this gameplay approach. And/or maybe they just simply wanted to make those games action RPGs? Could be possible.

I agree with your argument but when ff7 came out most gamers in the US didn’t care about rpg but the game was so spectacular that everyone ended buying it anyway, if square delivers a quality product it will sell regardless of the gameplay style, besides most people disliked the ff15 combat so what’s the point of keeping it?

I would love FFVII Remake to be turn-based, but at the same time, as a hopeless optimistic with things I want to go well, I can't shake the hope that the FF7R gameplay will be fun.

I see where you are coming from. But this situation could be one of higher ups asking themselves: "How can we make this sell better?" and then someone coming with and the company agreeing to the idea that action is the best way to go, regardless of how true that may be.

KLAMarine said:
TranceformerFX said:

You're being really considerate about it, where as I think it sounds like absolute dog shit. The Japanese need to be called out for how culturally disconnected they are from African Americans. Almost every black individual in anime has a raspy, edgy and stoic deep voice affiliated with them - and Barret just got the same treatment...

Newsflash Japan: not all black people sound like that...

What do you have against "raspy, edgy and stoic deep" voices?

I think that works of fiction should be required by law to have characters that can be identified with any particular group to shift tone of voice, personality, appearance, etc. every few scenes so that a single character can properly represent the complete variations within a whole group so that everyone is happy and won't complain.

We just need a small text with the character name on screen each time the character changes so that we know the character is still the same person. Practical solution found.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because: