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Keybladewielder said:
gamingsoul said:

I respect that you don't love them but saying that their combat is shallow is just an outright lie. Anyway, from this trailer, the combat in FF7R seems a lot more like Crisis Core rather than KH.

sorry if I offended you I apologize, I think the kh combat works pretty well for that game and I hopesquare Enix keeps making more kh games, but I just don’t understand why square has to experiment so much with the ff gameplay, the most beloved games from the series had  turn based combat, plus square keeps reselling those games over and over again, so why change them?

why is it so difficult to have a traditional triple aaa jrpg these days? Well at least we have Atlus.

regarding the episodic release I am fine what that as long as we get a quality game, I understand that games have become more expensive, so it’s better to have episodic releases instead of a incomplete game, that was the only flaw with re2 remake they cut a lot of the scenario difference.