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gamingsoul said:
I wonder who Square Enix is trying to please with that simple KH fighting style, ff7 and chrono trigger had that “boring” turn based combat yet they remain two of the most beloved games ever, even persona 5 did pretty well without changing the combat. Why the need to change it does Square Enix want to appeal to the call of duty and gta fan base or whatever?

My guess is that Square thinks that an action game has more chances of selling better than a turn-based game. I think they may have the idea that in spite of how good a turn-based RPG can still sell, an Action RPG could overcome a hypothetical sells cap that a turn-based RPG can't.

I am not going to defend that argument, I just think this is what may be in their heads when they decided this gameplay approach. And/or maybe they just simply wanted to make those games action RPGs? Could be possible.

Nintendo is selling their IPs to Microsoft and this is true because: