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Bristow9091 said:

Yeah I understand what you're saying, but I also enjoyed playing Final Fantasy XV with the "Wait Mode", it came with its own pros and cons, but felt a little more strategical than just holding square with the occasional triangle press to win, lol. Also we still aren't sure what the battle system is yet, people are only assuming it's a copy of XV due to it being action based, whereas some are saying it either looks like, or they want it to be like Crisis Core, which I haven't actually played myself but I hear the battle system is very good, lol.

What I'd like to see in a future Final Fantasy game would be a battle system similar to how Valkyria Chronicles works, but if they're wanting it to feel more action packed I can understand why they'd go for whichever battle system they're currently using, lol.

Sure but the gameplay is the essence of any game, you can't say you are doing a new version of chess, make amazingly detailed pieces and a ivory board but you change the way you play, it's not chess. To lesser extent, if Tekken went to a 2d version it wouldn't work, wouldn't sell as well because it's not really the same, even if it is a fighting game.

I know we aren't sure what the gameplay is but where's the strategy in mash X until win? I want to take my time. Arrive in a battle, know I have to put up my barrier up, haste on. Try and manipulate a monster to see if they have any secret blue magiks (enemy kill), knowing that if I give my charactes Fury they might miss more often but they'll get their limit breaks quicker.

If this arrives and isn't ATB, isn't turn based then basically SquEnix has truely given up on turn based, the entire gameplay setup that built the entire series' success. It saddens me as a huge fan of FF that to me, they don't even want to make a Final Fantasy game anymore, you know, what they did for 30 years before it (FF15).

Hmm, pie.