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think-man said:
I like the voice actors they used. Think they all suit their characters.

Are they not just hiring the guys from Advent Children back? Need me some Steve Blum Valentine.

Bristow9091 said:

I think it looks great, really can't wait to play it, and honestly don't mind if they use the Final Fantasy XV battle system, since despite what many of you seem to think, some people DO enjoy it, myself included lol... it looks cool and flashy, and maybe it'll finally give us the ability to feel like we're playing the fighting scenes from Advent Children, lol :P

It's not that the FFXV battle system was bad (although not played it as I want a turn based FF game, not mash until win). It's a matter of what the original was. Many want the game to feel like the original even if the graphics are turned up to 11. Without the smaller details of the ATB materia system, where the Weapons could be defeated by casting W-Summon and Knights of the Realm followed by Mimic and then you go make a cup of tea, then it won't be the same.

Case and point:

TheBlackNaruto said:
I am with the majority in here. The graphics look AMAZING but......that combat system.....why ruin such a good thing they had with the original turn based combat system? Why why why......why must EVERYTHING be action based ugggghhhhhhh just annoys the heck out of me lol.

Hmm, pie.