Mar1217 said:
tsogud said:
Did anyone else see the Detective Pikachu movie? I found it quite enjoyable even though it was predictable. Wish there was more battling though.

Actually, I think I've seen more battling in trailers for the movie than the first 5 chapters of the game it's based on.

Yeah the movie's based on it, and although I haven't played the game I did read about the plot, and from what I gathered the filmmakers diverted from the game a bit. If they're going to do that why not add some battles to make it more exciting? If the storyline was written better and less predictable I can see why they didn't want to detract from it but as it stands it's pretty mediocre. Adding a little more pokemon flare you can only get from battles would've spiced things up. There was only two segments in the movie where there was actual battling and one of those didn't really involve the main cast. It was mostly them running from pokemon whenever they were confronted. Even still I thought it was fun, Ryan Reynolds really sold the character for me.