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Well, I really like vinyls. They are clunky for sure, you have to flip them, they get dusty, the needle gets dusty but that's all part of the charm, and the audio quality is of course really good (unless you have crappy equipment that is). CD's are less clunky since you can listen to a whole album at once without having to flip or switch records, but you get worse audio and they feel more plastic and cheap in comparison to vinyls.
Looking through other people's collections is always fun, the artwork is obviously a big draw but you also discover a lot of artists that you never knew existed. And, (this is true for hard rock and metal, don't know about other genres) a lot of records that you buy will go up in price over time (especially if you get limited editions, boxes and so on) so it's also an investment!

I do use streaming a lot as well (mostly Spotify and in some cases Youtube) because they're really convenient, you can find and listen to a lot of music very easily and making playlists or listening to music on the train is a bit difficult with vinyls.