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thismeintiel said:
Considering how against this Sony was in the beginning, and I can see why, they must have gotten something big in return. Either a higher percentage of the cut than MS or some exclusive content for next gen.

I would rather they kept being against, and not because of EA games since I don't care about them, but that next gen when things start over there is always possibility of more publishers going same way. Took some time to other studios to go streaming still today Netflix alone isn't enough anymore.

We basically had a cycle of high movie/series piracy, netflix, low movie piracy, multiple stream providers, high piracy. Because what made piracy go away was the low cost and easyness of getting all content on netflix, but with the plethora of services that is going away.

Let's see if Stadia, PSNow, MS effort and others streaming games and starting to make exclusives and other platforms follow if we will go to a worse situation.

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