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EricHiggin said:
Bofferbrauer2 said:

I think, part of the reason is, that EA Access on XBO also offers 360 games, something the PS4 version definitely won't do. In other words, you get more out of the subscription on an XBO than on a PS4

Also, I think for PC, that's yet again a different subscription...

Looks as if it is a separate service on all platforms. I guess I can see why it make sense from both perspectives. Why couldn't it be one service across all platforms with one price, where each platform get's their cut and gamers simply get access to the EA games available to the platforms they play on? On the other hand, if that service needs to cost say $20 per month or $75 per year for multi platform, it makes sense to divide it all up and charge $5 for the month and $30 for the year per platform.

Still surprised there's little to no outrage by the cross platformers, but it would be directed towards EA and not PS or MS, unless they are a major part of the reason why the service is set up like that behind the scenes. We wouldn't find out either unless another Fortnite type controversy were to take place.

Almost all subscription services I can think of are platform agnostic and you pay for the subs itself. This is an odd and unwanted precedent.

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