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Mr Puggsly said:
Pemalite said:

Oh I agree. Hence the need to judge each device on it's own individual merits upon release.

There is certainly some negatives that can be drawn from the Xbox 360 E and Playstation 3 Super Slim compared to their prior versions the Xbox 360 Slim and Playstation 3 Slim for example... But I cannot think of any negatives of the Xbox 360 Slim over the older fat OG Xbox 360's.

But in general, the trend is a smaller, quieter, simpler, more efficient, more reliable device.

Well the original 360 units were crap and I'm sure you know numerous reasons why. The 360 S basically just fixed a poorly designed device that was already lacking features. The underwhelming BC was primarily software based so they didn't have to remove that. The 360 E really just removed some stuff, it wasn't really an upgrade for consumers.

It sounds like people are really expecting cheap revisions of PS4 and X1, the super slims. I'm just reminding people CONSUMERS didn't get cheap hardware in spite of the cheaper to produce revisions.

The Original Fat Xbox 360 Jasper v2 was actually a pretty solid unit... 65nm CPU, GPU and eDRAM. The e74 dramas and RROD was pretty much solved with this revision for the most part.

The Slim of course took it another step farther with a 45nm single chip... And integrated some extra stuff and is probably the definitive console in the 360 lineup without a doubt.

The RROD is largely attributed to a combination of the clamping mechanism used, heat and the solder. - In-fact... nVidia had catastrophically high failure rates with some of it's Geforce 8000/9000 GPU's across desktop and notebooks for almost the exact same reason.

So I wouldn't outright state that all fat Xbox 360 units were crap, some revisions were actually solid... Granted you still wouldn't have got a 500GB HDD, Wifi, Kinect and all the other whiz-shiz-bang.

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