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setsunatenshi said:
LudicrousSpeed said:
About time Sony wised up on this.

It is a good value if you’re into EA titles. Hell, any time you’re going to buy an EA title that costs $60, you save a dollar by buying a month of EA Access for $5 and then saving $6 on that title with the 10% discount.

except to save a dollar this month, most people will be spending 5 the next month for nothing, and the month after that, and so on until years later when they realize they added a new "rent" to their lives with very little to show for.

it's the same reason why I personally don't like the games pass model of business from Xbox, there's no incentive to make quality games if the customer is already paying a rent for them whether they are good or bad

Uh, what? 

You pay $5 for one month, save $6. +1 dollar. You don’t need to sub any other months lol.

And GamePass is full of good titles, as is EA Access, so idk about the rest of that. Different strokes.