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TranceformerFX said:
thetonestarr said:

PS5 hardware BC does mean that I'm skipping buying a PS4 entirely. I've been planning to wait until the PS4 was sufficiently cheap enough, but now I'm just going to wait until PS5 is cheap enough and pick up all the PS4 titles I missed out on.

That said, I think I agree that a PS4 base model (maybe a cheaper-to-produce PS4 Mini) will continue being sold at budget prices, while the high end production moves on to PS5. Fully agree that PS4 Pro's market will be 100% moving on.

*PS4 comes out*

"I'm gonna wait until it's cheap enough"

7 years later....

"PS5i coming out, I'm gonna hold off on the PS4 and wait until the PS5 is cheap enough..."

7 years later....

"PS6 is coming out, I'm gonna hold off on the PS5 and wait for the PS6 to be cheap enough..."

LOLOL, dude your dumb as h**l..

There are literally 4 games I want from PS4, and none of which do I care to pay full price for. By the time the PS5 has gotten a price reduction, there may be enough games to actually justify the purchase, and a good chunk of the games I want should be budget priced, so I'll be able to enjoy all the games I want for a fraction of the price you pay to rush the experience. In the meanwhile, I've been completely content playing other games on other consoles. I have missed out on precisely nothing.

LOLOL, dude you're ignorant as "h**l".

User was warned for this post. ~ Pemalite.

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