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mZuzek said:

Certainly feel a lot worse for the children than the parents. Sounds more like a good example of stupid people being stupid than some unavoidable tragedy (then again, based on some of the pictures on that article you never know, maybe they live in conditions where they had no other choice... hmm, nah, they were on an airplane).

Well, it's pretty much best practice to stay away from all wild rodents ... and racoons, too. 

It's not like the Bubonic Plague has been eradicated, it's not unheard of in developing countries and there are still cases popping up in the US and other civilized locations.  It's simply that it's largely treatable now.  

If the two people who died were infected because of tainted tissue or fluid then that's kind of good news and hopefully means no plague-carrying fleas were involved.  The danger would be if they transmitted the plague to others via breathing on them--that's Pneumonic plague and it's worse than Bubonic.  The close quarters of an airplane make that more possible, unfortunately, which is one of the worst things about air travel.  

Still, a quarantine should solve this.  People acting like the Black Death is returning are being silly.