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Dulfite said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

Since Nintendo gave us the numbers for the end of their fiscal year, I figured I'd see how things are progressing compared to last year.  As always I'm adding in 1.5m to Breath of the Wild sales since that was the last number I've seen for Wii U sales.

Mar 31, 2018 report Mar 31, 2019 report
Mario Odyssey 10.41m 14.44m
Breath of the Wild 9.98m 14.27m
difference 0.43m 0.17m

As of Nintendo's latest fiscal report, Mario Odyssey's total sales are still ahead by 0.17m.  However it is also clear that Breath of the Wild is gaining ground compared to last year.

As I've been saying since this thread began, this is like the race between the tortoise and the hare.  Mario Odyssey raced ahead of Zelda at first, but gradually Zelda is gaining ground.  It just has stronger legs.  If this pace continues then Zelda should pass Mario by this time next year.

I'm wondering if Links Awakening will weaken BotW's ability to overcome Odyssey? Either way it's crazy that it's this close!

Edit: how do I quote/reply to someone on the phone? This is so much different than it used to be...

That is a good question.  It does seem that the recent 2D Mario may have eaten away at the legs of Odyssey.  Not sure if Link's Awakening will have a similar effect or not.  My gut is that it won't, but we won't really know until this time next year.