John2290 said:
SvennoJ said:

I had forgotten about those :)

Will check out the reviews, I still have a big backlog for psvr though. I'm still hoping for a Borderlands 2 VR disc before caving in and getting the digital edition. I'm currently into Beat Sabre now my back is good enough again to duck. My arms are aching today lol.  I bought the physical edition of The persistence, it's up next. Or finish Moss first or light tracer or drive around more in GTS in vr, not enough time!

Finish moss, it's quick. Like 3 hours if ya aren't doing collectibles and have fun in beat saber before the summer starts in full swing and one song will make your face melt. 

I just finished the extra level in Expect you to die and finally did the London Heist in VR Worlds, catching up slowly. Expect you to die great, London heist meh, shooting with jittery move controllers sucks. Will continue Moss next. Golf looks good, Borderlands VR is still CAD 66 but I think it's worth it just to have something that lasts for a bit.

Beat saber is getting intense fast, like wipe the sweat off the headset every 15 minutes :/ The scoring system requires big movements which is bad news for anything withing arms reach including the cable lol. I've accidentally whipped that cable around a couple times.

Edit: Finished Moss, amazing! Hopefully there will be a book 2. And now I also really want a VR remake of Ico! I see I also still have Deracine, should also be quick.

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