chakkra said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

What do you mean? Do you mean Xbox will fall in 2nd place again? I don't see Xbox2 ever coming anywhere near Switch's sales, let alone catching up with it after 3 years. By the time XB2 launches Switch will likely be at 70 Million. If you mean that Switch will fall into second place, then that's a given. It will never overtake PS4, so it will be 2nd from the time it outsells XB1 to the launch of the PS5. After that I imagine it will take two to three years for PS5 to catch up with Switch. 

What I mean is that people today call the Switch "gen-8 console" which would automatically make it 2nd place of generation 8. But I'm willing to bet that by 2021 people will start calling it "gen-9 console" which would automatically make the X1 fall into 2nd place of generation 8.

Ah, I see. Either way we slice it we can say that the Switch outsold the XB1 in three short years. I think gapchartz, done by this site, will show that neither XB1, nor XB2 will be able to keep up with aligned Switch sales. 

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