John2290 said:
SvennoJ said:

Nothing I guess, unless some VR game shows up I've forgotten about.
Actually I just got my UBoat early access key from Kickstarter. It just release in early access, looking great.
Oh and I want the physical release of CupHead for switch, yet no clue when that's coming.

Are you not in for Everbodies Golf VR? That looks amazing and Blood and truth? You really passing up Time Crisis sliced with Snatch on VR?

I had forgotten about those :)

Will check out the reviews, I still have a big backlog for psvr though. I'm still hoping for a Borderlands 2 VR disc before caving in and getting the digital edition. I'm currently into Beat Sabre now my back is good enough again to duck. My arms are aching today lol.  I bought the physical edition of The persistence, it's up next. Or finish Moss first or light tracer or drive around more in GTS in vr, not enough time!