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So Super Mario Maker 2 is coming up fast in just two months now, with an inevitable big E3 reveal in early June. I'm feeling pretty hyped already personally, as I can't wait to see all the crazy creativity unleashed, just like last time. Anybody remember Mecha-Bowzilla? Good times, goodtimes.

But as much as they've shown, it's been mostly just a trailer. GameExplain managed to stretch that short trailer into a feature length movie of subtle reveals, but I still see plenty of stuff that hasn't been touched on yet, that I hope makes it in. What about you? Are you hoping to see a particular powerup or enemy? Maybe you've got your hopes way up and think they might still have a whole game style waiting (Super Mario Bros. 2?) or maybe a campaign builder?

I for one feel they've hinted at but barely touched on multiplayer, and have high hopes for it. I'm sure they'll at least give you the ability to design levels to be completed by multiple players and let you search for such levels according to the number of players it's designed for, but I'm hoping for much more. What if there's a multiplayer creative mode. Can you imagine the potential? One person could design half the level, the other player designs the other half, and then you race to capture the flag on their flagpole, then race back to your flagpole, such that you have to design your level to be doable backwards and forwards by yourself, and hope that you can do the other person's half backwards and forwards. Or perhaps it could be like that one indie game Ultimate Chicken Horse where you each take turns adding elements to a level and racing to complete it with the new obstacle you or the other player just added, and each completion gets a point, most points wins. Or maybe if the sharing options are better, you'll be able to send a level back and forth between your friends and try to add to it, maybe one of you is better at designing certain elements than the other, and you could have multi-creator levels get uploaded for everyone to play that credit both creators? I see so many ways they could improve collaborative, cooperative, and competitive multiplayer with SMM2 over the original that it has to be the part I'm most excited for, even over the new 3D World style.

So what about you, Mario Maker fans?