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MasonADC said:
HoangNhatAnh said:

They changed the core development team, scrapped the 2015 gameplay footage just last year and you think we can see it now in just over 1 year? Not to mention the article is about which come out first and you are answering that FFVIIR the full game (all 3 parts) will come out before MP4? WOW

I never said the full game was coming out before MP4. It was pretty clear I was referring to part one. Yes, the gameplay was scrapped, but how long was they originally working on it before showing the original game in December 2019? This article makes it seem pretty clear that something is happening this year, and square is having a concert right around e3 this year just for FF7. Remeber, this is a new game vs a remake, and without fact checking, I think it is safe to say that Square is bigger than retro. 

However, show a bit or even a lot this year doesn't mean it will come out soon, just like the gameplay footage they showed in 2015, all became meaningless.