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mZuzek said:

Just making sure, you guys did see this, right?
(oh no I don't know how to embed tweets anymore)

Because reading through those job descriptions, it really does feel like Prime 4 is still a long, long way away. Maybe launch title for the next Nintendo console I'd say.

I don't think Prime 4 will be a next gen game. Based on where that tweet suggests development is at, and how long these games typically take, I'm thinking more Fall 2022, with Switch 2 coming Holiday 2023 or Spring 2024. It could end up being cross-platform, but probably not at first. Possibly if the Switch 2 is VR capable on PS4's level, that would provide an excuse to make a Prime 4 VR edition for Switch 2. As others have said, FFVII is episodic, so the entire game will most definitely not come to PS4, if PS5 launches in 2020 as expected. That's honestly probably what's taken it so long, is being redone for the PS5. Given that, probably none of it will come to PS4. If they rush it to launch with PS5, I could see the first few episodes releasing before Prime 4, but not the whole game. If they don't rush it to be a launch title, they'll be lucky to get even an episode or two out before Prime. If they change their mind and don't make it episodic, Prime 4 wins completely.