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Mr Puggsly said:
TranceformerFX said:
The multiple SKU thing didn't work for Sony when the PS3 launched, and there's zero evidence or rationale to believe Sony will try that again with the PS5 - especially when you consider that the single SKU selling statistics for the PS2 & PS4 were VERY strong.

Oh and the PS5 won't be $500, that's equally stupid to assume as well. Because like the multiple SKU tactic - they tried a high price point and that failed too. There's a high probability it'll be $450.

A $350 PS4 Pro/$250 PS4 price cut announcement is gonna happen in several weeks for North America and EU territories. (The Pro is already $350 in Japan)

Any chance Sony will make low and high end hardware as MS is rumored to do?

If so, the Pro doesn't need to exist anymore. While PS4 could thrive IF it becomes really cheap.

Agree. While new gen leaves a lot of room in the market for a cheap old gen base version, the Pro potential user base left at next gen launch will move to next gen either immediately or anyway so soon to make not worth continuing production. The only other possibility, but very unlikely, would be that the Pro price drop enough to keep it in the market as entry level PS brand model and drop old base model production completely. Very unlikely, although less than the same happening for XBOneX, as PS4 Pro is a simpler, less powerful and less expensive to build pro version.
About MS, a cheap diskless XBTwo would leave room for an old cheap base XBOne anyway, as diskless requires a fast, smooth, very low ping and reliable internet connection, and this is just a dream, and it will remain so for a long time, for a very large part of the user target.

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