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Bofferbrauer2 said:

Not really. They don't look too blurry in 4k, but compare the PC textures in multiplat games, there's quite a difference here. The 8GB RAM has just been too small to allow real 4K textures and had to compromise. As a result, Pro/X visuals won't be beaten.

I do agree on the framerate, though

Games were using 4k textures even in the 7th gen. Output resolution isn't going to be equivalent to texture resolution.
In-fact many of the components used to build a scene in a games render are often at various resolutions, even as low as 32x32. Yep. Even in 2019 on an 8th gen machine.


For those wondering about backwards compatibility... For the 9th gen to run Xbox One games it only needs to run base Xbox One, not X Enhanced titles.
The more powerful premium console can still do the X Enhanced games in Backwards compatible mode.

However, where things get interesting is Original and Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles... They might get the X enhancements (Higher resolution and frames) on the 9th gen base console... Any GPU is going to be orders of magnitude faster than those consoles and the CPU will be beefy enough for lots of overhead... And there will be oodles of bandwidth to play around with.

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