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twintail said:
Pinkie_pie said:
Im excited for this extended version. I hope Persona 5 Switch will be the same game as Persona 5 Royal

Im sorry, but I fail to see why they would announce both on different days. If a Switch version of P5R exists it would be announced together, or its just a late port to be announced next year. 

Lryu222 said:

What Persona 5 Switch you are talking about? BestBuy leaks aren't realiable and Jason from Kotaku is pretty sure that Persona 5 S isn't a Switch port.

when did he say this?

''Hey, so...

Some of you may have seen that I was on Kinda Funny Games saying I didn't think Persona 5 was coming to Switch. I'm afraid to tell you all that, despite Best Buy (lol), I still feel that way. I think Persona 5 Royale is a PS4 game, and I'm pretty sure that P5S is something else entirely.

I guess it's possible that a P5 Switch port is coming separately, and it's also possible that the people I talk to aren't omniscient, which is why I don't like to definitely declare "Persona 5 is not coming to Switch," but, look, don't let these "insiders" get your hopes up too much is all I'm saying.

(Video game bloggers, please don't turn this post into a news article on your websites.)''