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Well for me...

Switch is better than GameCube, and Wii U, because those systems' Mario and Zelda games were great, but not jaw dropping, like BotW, and Odyssey. 

Switch is better than N64, and Wii because it has better 3rd party support than both those consoles. 

3DS is better than Switch, because 3DS has more games, especially RPGs. This is really just a matter of timing though. Let Switch get it's own Fire Emblem, Poke'mon, etc. Then it will surpass 3DS. 

DS is about tied with Switch. 

I think SNES, NES, and Switch are all too different to compare. On one hand Switch has a better library of 2D Indie games. But on the other hand NES/SNES invented most of those genres. 

And yes, I own all those systems and more.