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Tough to say, because there is the straight up strength of its library, as well as its hardware design and its abilities, etc. But as a whole I'd say it probably better than Cube and certainly better than Wii U, & 3DS.

Very close with DS and Wii. While the Switch has the nice convenience with its handheld functionality, Wii had the solid local multi and that enjoyable and unique 3D motion aspect. Playing Wii Sports felt like playing video games for the first time again.

NES, SNES, and N64 were just awesome to me. NES and SNES had solid libraries overall while N64 was a fantastic local multi console. The three of those have a level of sentimentality to me that will be tough for Switch to surpass unless its library vastly improves (not that it's poor now, will just need to be incredible).


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