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Nuvendil said:
Pionner said:
Will all due respect, benji has to be the biggest baby ever. Just because someone is offering a different perspective on sales doesn't make that a console war post. Every single month we were all told "everybody is doing well" when PS4 was first in sales. Now all of a sudden everybody is NOT doing well when Switch is first? SilverX provided a very good summary on why PS4's sales are actually great. Even Xbox 1. Benji and other posters disagreed. That bullshit "everybody is doing well" thread meme doesn't apply anymore it looks like. The only fanboys in that thread are the people bothered by that post. And as usual benji tactic, he mentions wanting a self ban but never actual goes trough with it. It's similar to somebody crying to get attention and make people feel sorry for them.

Everyone was doing well when PS4 and Xbone weren't down 30%.  Which is what Benji explained.  And there were plenty of months the last two years when Switch  was leading the pack that all three were said to be doing well.  I do think it was presumptuous for him to respond to a post he cannot see since he has that guy set to ignore, but that post was pretty strong spin.  While he is right that Sony is being conservative with pushing PS4, they've been that way for a while now unless a big release is coming out.  And MS going firesale and bundle crazy has been a constant since 2014.  So while the factors he stated were true, they have been true since before the decline this year.  And thus framing those things like new factors that relate specifically to this period is disingenuous.  These declines aren't disastrous, but they are normal.  Great would be a defying of expectations.

Oh and Xbox One sales are objectively not great.  They weren't great very often before, they really aren't great now.

Now let's not further derail the thread with antagonizing people who are not registered here and cannot defend themselves.  That tends to get toxic fast.

That's the point though. These declines are expected and we kept hearing beforehand how PS4 and Xbox 1 are in for a big decline in 2019. Yet here we are where a console at full price still manages to pull 250K in March after 6 years. Despite being down.  SilverX post wasn't spin, it was looking at sales comparatively from what it could have been, the PS4 price, and how long it's been on the market.

The "everybody is doing well" was always used anytime PS4 came first and people looked at Switch or Xbox 1 sales negatively. People made post on why Switch sales are still good. Now somebody does it for a different console it's spin? A console war post? Nope.

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