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jason1637 said:
thismeintiel said:

Hmm, not too far off this month. Looks like those $249 XBO bundles are doing alright in brick and mortar, because XBO has little presence on Amazon recently.  Which really makes me wonder, what the hell is even the point of the discless version. You're getting much less  for the same price as a normal XBO. If it had a 4TB HDD, then ok, but it doesn't.

It's for the holidays probably. MS said that they will keep a $50 differrence in MSRP and last Holiday the S was going for $180. They probably want to hit that $130 pricepoint for the late gen buyers.

I guess that makes sense.  Personally, I would spend the extra $50 and get the 4K drive, and all the benefits that comes with.  Anyway, you would think with them keeping their sales of $249 for the regular S SKUs going, $199 would have been a much better price.  As it is, this thing isn't even going to cause a blip when it releases.  It's not even in the Top 1,500 Hourly for video games on Amazon.