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Zkuq said:

It's pretty interesting to see this thread just shortly after seeing a discussion (elsewhere) where people were seriously almost demanding and defending a $700 launch price.

What will interest me, is when we actually see the eventual price point, and how it will be instantly compared to PC builds of that price, as well as the whole "more value" than something that costs a wee bit more (like say a £800-1000 rig).

I'm also skeptical about the price point, because if we're going to put a load of focus on 8k, then surely 8k tv prices would also be accepted as being included, since you'd need that for said 8k content, as well as 8k PS5 content in general. We already know that 4k movie content isn't exactly in massive abundance, so I imagine 8k content in general will be minimal for say 5-6 more years?. Will the price point be that much worth paying more for, when said content for it will be lacking of that resolution?. 

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