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JRPGfan said:

Switch : 383k
PS4 : 253k
XB1 : 221k

Compared with last year:
Switch: +24%
Ps4: -29%
XB1: -26%

YTD 2019 (Welfare)
NSW: 1.03M (+20%)
PS4: 730K (-25%)
XB1: 550K (-35%)

Above from Ethomas, neogaf.

My take:
Xbox has had so many sales trying to move units (reg. at 199$ or below), and its still down 35% this year.
Sony should consider a price drop for the PS4s and PS4pro too, that about it, its end of the gen and its time for a price drop.
Switch about to have its peak year.

Waaaay too early to say that. We still have new models very likely coming this year, which will drive it forward next year into new heights.