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Switch : 383k
PS4 : 253k
XB1 : 221k

Compared with last year:
Switch: +24%
Ps4: -29%
XB1: -26%

YTD 2019 (Welfare)
NSW: 1.03M (+20%)
PS4: 730K (-25%)
XB1: 550K (-35%)

Above from Ethomas, neogaf.

My take:
Xbox has had so many sales trying to move units (reg. at 199$ or below), and its still down 35% this year.
Sony should consider a price drop for the PS4s and PS4pro too, that about it, its end of the gen and its time for a price drop.
Switch about to have its peak year.

Last edited by JRPGfan - on 22 April 2019