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I've owned every Nintendo home system except the N64.  I've also owned a GBA, DS and 3DS.  I also owned a Genesis and every Playstation platform except the Vita.

For me Switch is right now at #2 of all time.  Only NES is ahead.  That is a high bar from me, but Switch could do it if it keeps having solid releases throughout its lifetime.

One way I can tell how much I like a system is by how many games I buy.  The NES was the last time I bought games this quickly.  Technically I own more Wii games, but I feel like Switch is still better.  Wii has slightly better multiplayer than Switch, but Switch single player is far better than the Wii.  There are several single player games on Switch that I like better than any single player game on the Wii.  The SNES, on the other hand, had extremely good single player, but the Switch just blows it away on multiplayer games.

So currently the most games I have is 24 on my Wii (because I sell/trade the ones I don't want to keep).  That is a lot more than most other systems.  I am somewhere around 12-14 on the Switch, and I've got plenty more I want to buy.  Problem is more having time than having games that I want.  I told my daughter I had 50 NES games back in the day.  She couldn't hardly believe it because that is so much more than any other system we have.  But right now we are buying Switch games at about the same rate.  I might have 50 or more at the end that I don't want to trade/sell.  I'll have to see how it turns out.