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John2290 said:
pikashoe said:
I love my ps4, but damn this is so right. Its not a bad thing (except for keeping that damn awful controller design) but I do hope they do something a little more interesting next gen. Part of the fun last gen was how the big three were coming up with weird and crazy ideas, they didn't always work out but it was always interesting to see what they'd do next.

Ahem. PlayStation VR. It is just about the most interesting thing you can imagine gaming wise and has the most innovative games of the 8th gen. Ps5 will support the current tech too. 

Look again I added psvr to my post just before you posted. Although you are really overstating its importance at the moment. Considering psvr has sold less than the wii u and ps vita. Its interesting buts it's huge price seems to be keeping it away from a wider audience unfortunately.