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Forbes has posted a very interesting article titled "The PS4 Won The Console Generation By Being Boring: Can The PS5 Do The Same?"  
The article claims that in the beginning of this generation the Xbox One had crazy innovative ideas of merging the console with the Kinect and using its depth-sensing camera to revolutionize not just motion controls but also voice control, however most people found it confusing and the whole idea pretty much failed. PS4 came out and introduced itself as just like the PS3 but more powerful. By doing so, Sony managed to outsell Xbox One and retake the top position again.  In other words the article claims that PS4's simplicity and lack of innovation was successful. The article also goes on to say that the PS5 will probably take the some approach as the PS4 it will be more powerful and faster than the PS4 and nothing more. 


I am not saying I agree with the article or disagree I just find it interesting.  What do you think?

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