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OTBWY said:
I don't think this price has ever been attractive. It seems to me the right pricing most consumers are willing to take the leap for is 400.

Pretty much this.  While I feel a lot of us gaming enthusiasts would be fine dropping that on a new console, we have to remember that we are the vocal minority when it comes to overall sales.  Growing up, I never got new consoles until they were two years old and they dropped in price.  Even the PS3 was on hold until MGS4 came out.

Now that I am set in my career, sure now I get them out of the gate.  But it was not until the PS4 and Switch that this became the case for me.  I plan on getting the PS5 out of the gate regardless of the price, but I highly doubt most people will pay anything over 400 for another console, let alone 500.  If consoles go up too much, I will just finally make the plunge and get a gaming PC as cheaper hardware has always been a selling point for consoles in general as well.

Last edited by Shiken - on 20 April 2019

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