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Cobretti2 said:
Zoombael said:
Some act like it is the difference between affordable and putting a loan against a house.

If 500 is too much for you then so is 400.

It is not about being affordable or not and only a difference of $100.

It is a mental thing, people set a price what they think a gaming box is worth. Don't matter what you put in it, they won't buy it.

Now a dedicated gamer in general does not have those kind of stupid mental limitations because they know the value of the specs.

In this scenario we are talking general market. Your common casual gamers.

Compare this to mobile phones, some of them are what $600-1000 now? A lot of people upgrade them every new model release. They believe that the upgrade is justified.

In their head they probably thinking.

- I must have the latest for my social media posts

- Oh latest camera better pictures of my ass to put on Instagram, must have the best to get more followers.

- Oh i can listen to music whilst traveling

- Watch netflix or whatever

- Oh I guess i can still make calls

Time is money. If you dont have the money, wait till price drops or buy it used.

Thats what i do... sometimes. 

Gamers are the wieniest whiners. I woudlnt draw conclussions because of a forum minority. The market has changed in the last 15 years. Smartphones sales are rather proof to this than anything else.

Hunting Season is done...