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fatslob-:O said:
The way I see things, the Switch is a last gen system so not really all that comparable to the next home consoles IMO ...

Doubt there'll be a higher end version of a Switch and I doubt it would alleviate the potential drying up of third party support anyways. Hitting resolution and frame rate targets are going to be the least of concerns when the vast majority of 3rd parties are going to be forced to accept the X1 as the bare minimum soon baseline for technically lower end games once the new systems reach the streets ...

^ this.

How can Switch be same gen as PS5 & XB2 ?

ARM Cortex-A57 @1ghz (x4 big cores + x4 little A53 cores) vs  8core/16 thread Zen2 @~3ghz AMD CPU.

CPU wise, Id bet thats like 20 times the power advantage to the PS5/XB2.

GPU wise:
Switch docked is 397 Gflops, while the PS5/XB2 will be 12-14 Tflops or so.
GPU wise, theres probably like a ~40 times power advantage to the PS5/XB2

GDDR6 will probably have like x20 times the memory bandwidth of the Switch.
SSD HDD will make the Switch HD look slow too.

Memory Size, will probably be x5 of the Switch's (16GB for gameing, +4GB for OS ect)

TBH Switch doesnt belong to same gen of hardware as PS5/XB2... its 2 gens behinde in terms of technological advancements.

It wont have TrueAudio, and be able to do raytraceing(audio) or graphics... it wont do VR, and it wont play current games at 4k@60.
Alot of Switch games are running below 720p 30fps.

The differnce between the Switch and PS5/PS6, is like compairing a PS2 to a PS4 almost, its a massive differnce in tech.