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Despite enthusiastic Xbox gamers who go off of zero data, they'll tell you that the $500 One X is doing "moderately well" or some other damage control escapist catch phrase.

I work at an electronics store in Salt Lake City, UT. On Black Friday, everyone was buying PS4 Pro's and Switch's. We sold out of both. Nobody bought a One X - not one damn person through out that day. Those are pretty shitty odds in a city that has a census of almost a million people - even considering that we're just "one" electronics store in a city, there's no excuse for that kind of disparity except for one singular reason:

People, generally speaking, don't want to spend $500 on a console EVEN IF the hardware justifies it. (Which the One X does, cuz it's a beast) And the people that do have already done so by investing that money into a "gaming PC"

The story won't be ANY different if the PS5 and X2 launch at $500 - regardless of how appealing the tech is. Because at the end of the day - it's the kids Mom's that are buying the console if they're 17 or younger.