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JRPGfan said:
Personally I feel 500$ is a little to high..... consoles start to get attractive at the 300$ price point imo.

I get that the rumored specs of the PS5 more than justify a 500$ price tag to go along with it, so even if you paid 500$ for it, you wouldnt feel cheated.
PS5 is looking to be a really powerfull system for its price. Still I guess Im just not as focused about graphics as most are, I feel like 1080p is still fine tbh.

Personally I would have prefered they did a small "jump" going with PS5 and then made a cheaper system instead.
Keeping that 400$ price point.

However if we're getting 8c/16 zen2, 16GB GDDR6, Navi GPU at 12TF+, SSD HDD,... raytraceing (for sound & graphics) ect
I doubt it ll be 400$..... 500$ is more likely.

Why bother doing small jumps?

For someone minded like you would be better that they at the time PS5 launch cut PS4 basic to 149 and PS4 Pro to 249, so for the next couple years due to the crossgen (and also BC) you have very cheap HW. And then when you are going to upgrade to PS5 the 499 became 299-349.

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