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Personally I feel 500$ is a little to high..... consoles start to get attractive at the 300$ price point imo.

I get that the rumored specs of the PS5 more than justify a 500$ price tag to go along with it, so even if you paid 500$ for it, you wouldnt feel cheated.
PS5 is looking to be a really powerfull system for its price. Still I guess Im just not as focused about graphics as most are, I feel like 1080p is still fine tbh.

Personally I would have prefered they did a small "jump" going with PS5 and then made a cheaper system instead.
Keeping that 400$ price point.

However if we're getting 8c/16 zen2, 16GB GDDR6, Navi GPU at 12TF+, SSD HDD,... raytraceing (for sound & graphics) ect
I doubt it ll be 400$..... 500$ is more likely.