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Mandalore76 said:
crissindahouse said:
I will never understand gamers if it comes to console prices.

Not only is the console itself only a small part of what you pay overall for gaming but it seems as if gamers never have more money even 30 years later even though people around them get a payraise every freaking year and inflation is a thing.

500 bucks shouldn't be really a problem if 400 wasn't 7 yesrs earlier if the console releases in 2020.

It's literally the difference between $500 getting you a console and having money left over for a couple of games, a game and a controller, etc.  Or, $500 just getting you the console and having to spend $600 just to be able to use it.

As far as payraises and inflation goes, you do realize the cost of living increasing is also a thing, right?  My dad bought a ColecoVision in 1982 for $175.  You can tell yourself that purchase would have cost $460 today.  But, I will tell you that in 1982, my dad was able to raise 4 children on a single family income.  Today, every married person I know needs a dual income to get by (both spouses working).  And, a lot of them don't have children because they fear not having the money to properly care for another mouth to feed in the household.  Declining birthrates are a thing too, you know.  But, you keep telling everybody that a $500 base purchase for a toy isn't a big deal.  I hope Sony busts out another $600 PlayStation just for you.  Because if an adjusted for inflation ColecoVision cost $460 in 1982, then a $600 PlayStation today shouldn't be a problem for anyone.  Even though we already saw in 2006 it was an absolute disaster.

Most of the increased cost of living is coming from people purchasing more useless stuff than before.

Take out the internet, phone, gaming and a lot of luxuries we have today but didn't back then and your cost of life adjusted by inflation wouldn't look to be so different.

Mandalore76 said:
JamesGarret said:
I would hope so, this isnt 2006 anymore, we live in an age where people pay more than $1.000 for phones and other devices so some of that "disposition" should rub off a little on the console market, and considering its something thatll last you for ~6/7 years and help insure a more significant leap over the previous generation, I say bring it.

Why are people bring up the cost of phones as if it is remotely relatable?  Your monthly phone plan pays for most of the cost of the device.  Does your monthly subscription to PS Plus contribute a single dime to the upfront cost of your PlayStation?  No?  I didn't think so.

You know that the cost of the phone is charged against you these plans right? Also you know that there are people that buy it for retail price right? And also know that there are people that changes phone every year or 2 and pay these high prices right?

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