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Jranation said:
setsunatenshi said:
I hope it's even more than that if the hardware justifies it. It would be great if they could release a lower cost version for all the usual whiners online though.

For people who think price is an issue, they should just wait for Blackfriday and Christmas deals, wait for another SKU so the original SKU lower its price, or wait a couple years where both the hardware and games will be lower than its original price at launch. 

agree to some extent, I think Sony themselves should also be able to cater to these more cost sensitive consumers and offer an option that would grow the user base. it would be beneficial to all, the broader the base, the more and better games will be developed.

the doors are open with the introduction of tiered skus (pro vs non pro), so the market is more aware now that there is no imperative to get the most expensive model if someone really wants to stay low cost, all while allowing the enthusiasts to spend the extra money for better performance and perks.