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Random_Matt said:
AngryLittleAlchemist said:

I always had a suspicion that most of the fault was on Bioware for making these crappy games and honestly Jason's prior article basically proved that. Aside from EA stepping in and just outright cancelling projects (which gamers would still find a way to blame EA on) there was not a whole lot that EA could have done - Anthem basically restarted development at multiple times, it needed to be released. 

And I have always swore that EA have always told developers what they want. EA have always wielded power, I do not believe half of the shite that has come from Bioware is what they actually wanted to make. Just like Rare did not want to make that shitty fable game, that was all MS's idea, there are probably very few developers who are given complete freedom aside from Sony ones.

Ok - that is not an argument against quality, though. Most AAA titles get the criticism of feeling "soulless" and no doubt countless people in the industry work at a job not because it's what they want to do but because it's stable. Guess what? Those games still get received much better, have less problems, and sell millions. And the reality of having a job is that you're going to have to separate doing what you want most from making the best product possible on occasion. 

The whole "EA DOES/DOES NOT GIVE BIOWARE CONTROL HISSSSSSS!!!" argument is ultimately pointless because it's always based on speculation. All I'll say is that most Ex-Bioware and Bioware employees have attested to the amount of creative freedom EA gives them when interviewed. And yes that could very well be because of the industry and studios not trusting employees who badmouthed prior employers, but even in this Jason Schrier (you know, an actual insider?) interview with a Bioware employee that was not in any way "official" or known by the EA/Bioware prior to its publication - it is basically said that Anthem was Bioware's idea. 

Bioware had multiple opportunities to make a better product and failed. They have been failing not since the mid-eigth gen but since the ending of the 7th one. Even Dragon Age Inquisition was a game multiple employees wanted to fail so that the higher ups in Bioware would get the message that this kind of development process is risky and stupid