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Valve focusing as a service provider and not as a game developer should not be considered "lazy". There is nothing wrong with being a service provider first and Valve hasn't been known for being a developer for the better part of 7 years. There is nothing wrong with wanting them to make games but it just seems odd to hold them up to the standard as a game developer when they've already made their position on that clear for the entire generation. It's a difference in goals, not "laziness". Unless people want to argue that Valve is lazy as a service provider - in which case I'd say that just isn't true, I feel as if a lot of people who don't use the service are under this impression but the amount of major changes that Steam has undergone in the last few years is extensive. 

For what it's worth Valve probably should start making games that appeal to the mainstream. You can't get upset at people for expecting it when at one time they were one of the most prolific developers out there. I just think that in a perfect world we wouldn't need to moneyhat third party games and pretend like that somehow is the antithesis of laziness  - it's pretty silly. It *should* be fine for a digital platform like Steam to compete with Epic Game Store whilst having the same games from a sales basis - it would be amazing if these games could release on all digital platforms, and the digital platform that simply tries the hardest to be a good service would win. That's simply not the case, though. 

Hopefully Epic Games starts investing in more first party like they seem to want to.

Last edited by AngryLittleAlchemist - on 14 April 2019